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Basic Things to Know About Garage Door Repairs

10/30/2013 Back To Blog

A garage door is an essential addition to any home that has a garage or an extra room that needs to have a secure door, including a room used as a play area, an essential utility room or a workshop. Garage doors come in various sizes, in different styles and colors and mode of operation to suit a consumer’s need. It can be a manually operated door or a fully automated one, complete with sensors and remote control.

However, doors for the garage are composed of many different mechanical and moving parts. It is basically heavy, made of metal and requires proper maintenance for continuous smooth operation that will eliminate the constant need to call for a service man. Nevertheless, it is still inevitable that some components of the door, such as garage door springs, tracks and garage door rollers will suffer from metal fatigue due to wear and tear from constant use. It is advisable to consult experts from garage door repair Bellflower once you encounter such problems.

First things first

If you happen to notice that your door is not working properly, try to recall when the problem likely started and what the circumstances were when the problem first occurred. If there are loud and strange noises when you open or close your door, the door itself could be the problem. If the door does not open, it is either your garage door opener that has a problem or the springs are broken. If the bulb of the overhead garage door blinks, and the door closes and opens right up, the sensors might be misaligned. If one of the sensors does not show green light, give it a little nudge until it shows green and check the door again. Check the power source and the batteries on the remote.

Can I fix it myself?

There are some minor garage door problems that you can fix yourself. Some of the mechanical parts might just need oiling or putting the recommended lubricating agent. Rust build up may have occurred which could be scraped off and the part oiled. Rollers could have been pushed off track. See if you can push them back. If you cannot find a solution from your owner’s manual or the job is too big for you, consult an expert.

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