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Five garage door safety tips

10/30/2013 Back To Blog

As everyone has a garage with their homes, it is mandatory to install a garage door that will work smoothly all year round. Since the latest trend is of automated garage doors, there are some safety tips that need to be followed to make sure that there are no big problems faced by the home owners:

Old springs should be replaced

One of the vital parts of every garage door is the spring and it is an extremely dangerous element of the door. The springs have the tendency of wearing out quickly and when broken they can cause immense range of injury. When your garage door gets older, you should get garage door springs evaluated by a technician who is professional so that their servicing can be rightly done.

Cables should be checked frequently

There are cables that are attached to the spring system of the brackets at the bottom on each side of the garage door. When they get worn or frayed, they have high chances of getting broken. As there is a high spring tensions, the servicing of the garage door cables should be done by a highly competent and professional technician.

Be alert for the springs that squeak

When the door springs start making noisy or squeaky sound, it is an alarming sign that the springs are getting damaged and they need to be replaced immediately or serviced by a technician. The springs start making such kind of noise because of regular usage and that is why they should be checked instantly.

Do-it-yourself kit for garage door

In the market, there is a huge range of do-it-yourself kits for installing and servicing the garage doors. But it is highly recommended that the installation of garage doors installed by technicians as doing this task on own can be dangerous for the person.

Get the garage door inspected regularly

The garage doors should be examined by the experts on frequent intervals so that they can do necessary servicing at initial stages before the problem becomes too big. There are various packages that are offered by these garage door service providers which can ensure efficient working of the garage doors and garage door parts.

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