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Garage door maintenance tips that will improve the durability of your garage door

10/30/2013 Back To Blog


The garage door needs to be given special care if it is to serve you for a long time. You have to ensure that you do all in your power to ensure that your garage door is in great shape and that it is durable so that it can serve you for a long time. Here are garage door maintenance tips to keep in mind.


All parts of a garage door that move should be lubricated. Garage door parts tend to get worn out if they are not lubricated. Friction is the main factor that wears out garage door parts very fast. It is good to do your research before you buy lubricant so that you are assured of lubricant that will give you the best service. You can ask people in Bellflower who you know so that they can give you suggestions from the best lubricant. You should ensure that you wipe the garage door parts after you lubricate so as to keep the garage door clean. If there are any parts of the garage door that are stuck when you move the garage door, you should try and soak them in kerosene for a while.

The garage door opener

The garage door opener should be kept in good shape because it is the one that is responsible for opening and closing the garage door. You should ensure that you lubricate all the moving parts of garage door openers if the openers have moving and screwed parts. Garage door bearings and garage door rollers should also be lubricate and kept in good shape so that they can move easily.


You should ensure that you troubleshoot every time that you notice something wrong with your garage door. It is important that you try and find out what the problem is with your garage door every time that you notice something wrong with it so that any problem can be caught on time and so that the garage door repairs can be made on time. You can look around California and find a reputable garage door company to do the troubleshooting for you if you feel that you are not up to it.

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